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2015 Registration
PYBRL is holding registration the last three Sundays this February, the dates are:
February 8th
February 15th
February 22th
March 1st

Hours are 1pm to 4pm and is held at:

Vic Marosek field
1100 Jefferson St
Phoenixville PA 19460

All youth from ages 4 to 12 for boys and 4 to 16 for girls are encouraged be a part of the 2015 season.

Teeball- ages 4 to 6 for both boys and girls
Boys Clinic- ages 7 to 8
Girls Clinic- ages 7 to 8
Minor Boys- ages 9 to 12
Minor Girls- ages 9 to 11
Major Boys- ages 10 to 12
Major Girls- ages 12 to 16

These ages are as of
Baseball: 4/30/2015
Softball: 12/31/2015

1st child:$75.00
2nd child:$125.00
3rd or more:$160.00

Register online

Cash and checks will be accepted at time of registration. First time applicants are asked to bring along a copy of their child's birth certificate so we can verify their age.
Registration fees cover their uniforms and insurance for when they play at the field.
All parents are asked to please volunteer their time at the field or help out anywhere they can. We need your help. If you have any questions please click here and fill out the email form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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2015 Fundraiser

This years fundraiser is once again $5 chance tickets with $2950.00 and 42" flat screen  TV as prizes. Each team will be given 50 tickets to sell with many spare tickets available.

The drawing will be Saturday, June 6th 2015 at 5:00pm. Tickets need to be turned in By June 1st.
So lets get out there and SELL,SELL,SELL!

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Field 3 practice schedule


If a practice is postponed due to rain it cannot be rescheduled.


March 23rd

● 5:00 – Clinic Girls A’s

●6:30 – Clinic Girls Phillies

March 24th

●5:00 – Clinic Boys Dodgers

●6:30 – Clinic Boys Yankees

March 25th

●5:00 Boys A’s

●6:30 Boys Phillies

March 26th

●5:00 Teeball Rockies

●6:30 Teeball Yankees

March 27th

●5:00 Teeball Phillies

●6:30 Teeball Pirates

March 28th

●10:00 Clinic Girls A’s

●11:30 Clinic Girls Phillies

●1:00 Teeball A’s

●2:30 Teeball Cardinals

●4:00 Teeball Dodgers

●5:30 Teeball Marlins


March 30th

●5:00 Clinic Boys Dodgers

●6:30 Clinic Boys Yankees

March 31st

●5:00 Clinic Boys A’s

●6:30 Clinic Boys Phillies

April 1st

●5:00 Teeball Rockies

●6:30 Teeball Yankees

April 2nd

●5:00 Teeball Phillies

●6:30 Teeball Pirates


April 3rd

●5:00 Teeball Dodgers

●6:30 Teeball Marlins


● April 4th

●10:00 Clinic Boys Dodgers

●11:30 Clinic Boys Yankees

●1:00 Clinic Girls A’s

●2:30 Clinic Girls Phillies

·         4:00 Teeball A’s

●5:30 Teeball Cardinals


April 6th

●5:00 Clinic Boys A’s

●6:30 Clinic Boys Phillies

April 7th

●5:00 Teeball Rockies

●6:30 Teeball Yankees

April 8th

●5:00 Teeball Phillies

●6:30 Teeball Pirates


April 9th

●5:00 Teeball Dodgers

●6:30 Teeball Marlins

April 10th

●5:00 Teeball A’s

●6:30 Teeball Cardinals

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Important Dates
Tryouts: Saturday March 28th & Sunday March 29th

  • 9 year olds- 11:30 to 1pm
  • 11 &12 year olds-1pm to 2pm
  • 10 year olds- 2pm to3:30pm
  • All Minor Girls March 29th at 12pm
  • Ball players 4 yrs to 6yrs (Teeball) and 7yrs & 8 yrs (Boy's and Girls Clinic) are assigned to a team by their respective commissioner.

  • Major Boys-March 29th  at 4pm
  • Minor Girls-March 29th at 2pm
  • Minor Boys- Monday March 30th at 6pm

Umpires Clinic

  • April 9th 7:30 pm Field 1
  • Any Managers, Coaches, or Parents that will be participating in any Minor or Major league games are urged to attend.

Field Clean up Day

  • Saturday April 11th 8am
  • All league Volunteers are asked to come out to the field and lend a hand preparing the fields for Opening Day and the season.

Opening Day

  • Sunday April 12th Ceremonies begin 1pm
  • Team picture day
  • Awarding of the Vic Marosek volunteer of the year.

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Next Board Meeting
The next board meeting is February 15th 2015  5pm at Vic Marosek field. A general meeting will follow at 6pm. Managers, coaches, and parents are invited to attend.

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Vic Marosek Award Recipient

2013 Vic Marosek Award recipient- Tom Woods - Minor Girls Commissioner, Clinic Girls Commissioner and Minor Girls Red Sox Team Manager

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Kelly Chevrolet

PYBRL would like to thank Kelly Chevrolet for their continued support for the 2013 baseball season. Kelly Chevrolet has donated $1000's of dollars worth of equipment and money over many years. Consider purchasing your next vehicle from our friends at Kelly Chevrolet.

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Ruch Family Foundaution Fund
PYBRL would like to recognize and thank to the Chester County Foundation Fund for their donation to our league from the Ruch Family Foundation Fund.

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PYBRL on Facebook
PYBRL now has a Facebook page. All board members, managers, coaches, parents, and players are invited to join.

PYBRL Facebook page

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